New Balance, Paris JTM
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New Balance, Paris JTM

New Balance

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Our approach

When New Balance asked us to create a bespoke event for the release of the latest NB1906, we knew we had to think the same way we did for our Fashion Week event : create a cultural singularity.

Cultural Singularity : Gather the cultural forces that shape the youngster’s identity in the same place for the first time. If you miss it, you won’t see them together again any time soon.

Introducing Paris JTM, a 360 experience of what the city has best to offer. The celebration started the night before the event with a launch party featuring parisian rapper J9ueve and special DJ sets. The next day, designers Tom Ducarouge, Shane Odv, and Le Coin d’Elodie hosted workshops so that anyone could create its own lamp, artwork and pottery.

To complete the experience, food and drinks were provided by local coffee shop Borough and a curation of books by Cahier Central was available which made the experience more relevant than ever.

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