Salomon & Foot Locker, Party
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NeS and Friends private party

Salomon Sportstyle

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The launch of the new ACS + CSWP Salomon was an opportunity to celebrate Parisian youth culture and to work with upcoming artists to amplify their voices.

The goal was to emulate the energy of a group of friends giving Views, Foot Locker, Salomon and NeS’s communities a unique experience. The event was a way to gather Parisian friends around another groups of friends on stage : the young rappers making the headlines in France.

To do so, we created a mix made of all of our communities to create a 300 persons experience. NeS and his friends Yvnnis, Jeune Lyre and Deema took over the stage to perform. The food was provided by local sandwich spot Sando Club and the cocktails were made by Jameson, ensuring a memorable event.

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Creative Strategy, Artistic Direction, Content Production, Media Amplification